Dzamara speaks on War veterans

Activist Patson Dzamara has called up the generation of war veterans running the affairs of the country to retire and let a young people take over the positions.
“The bunch of liberators has overstayed its welcome. They have reached and expended their zenith. We will not move forward with them presiding over our affairs.” Dzamara said. “They must now rest and allow a fresh breed to lead us into our future.”
He also called for the opposition to respect the role played by the war veterans in liberating the country, saying although they have failed to lead the country, their contribution must never be undermined.
“Our war veterans have oftentimes radiated kindergarten misdemeanours and a stinking sense of entitlement. Notwithstanding how dismally that bunch has failed to lead us towards development and emancipation, their role in liberating us from colonial rule must never be taken for granted.
“It is therefore imperative for the opposition to locate its mandate and agenda within that context. The agenda can never be about driving people back to colonialism, we have crossed that bridge. It is about building towards tangible development and real emancipation of all citizens.”
War veterans recently demonstrated against President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Deputy Defense minister  Victor Matemadanda calling for the government to give them more money and to relook into their affairs.
They also blasted Matemadanda calling him a few war veteran who never went to war but was a taxi driver in Zambia.

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